Meet Ani, Our Founder

At Chai Five, our journey is rooted in authenticity and purpose. My family is from India and comprised of farmers and Ayurvedic healers. For us, chai is a daily ritual of nourishment and connection.

A Mission-Driven Brand:

The story of how I started Chai Five began when I lived on the Indian Ocean coast of Africa. I saw how the ritual and tradition of chai connected cultures across oceans. Having traveled to 35 countries, I’ve seen two things unite people: 1) a cup of tea, and 2) a High Five! In this spirit, I created Chai Five with a mission of creating positive social change and empowered wellness.

Empowering Farmers & Communities:
In 2016, I was working to create my own NGO focused on ending exploitation and trafficking through girls empowerment on the Swahili Coast. While visiting rural communities in Zanzibar, I also connected with local farms growing heirloom spices. Realizing the importance of supporting traditional agro-forestry practices and preserving coastal ecosystems, I launched Chai Five with a vision to make a positive social impact, globally and locally. Our chai symbolizes nourishment, connection, and community.

A Journey of Healing

I had limited access to modern healthcare infrastructure at the time, so I turned to the traditional medicine of my upbringing. My own personal healing journey led me to embrace ancestral wellness wisdom, particularly Ayurveda. Through the integration of traditional medicine, I healed my auto-immune issues with simple daily Ayurvedic practices, traditional foods, and Ayurvedic plant medicine. I experienced their power to restore balance and vitality. My family’s chai recipe embodies the wisdom that helped me heal my illness. Its crafted with intention and processes for synergistic healing and elemental balance. I've carried this ancestral knowledge as medicine with me throughout my travels. This ancient knowledge has the power to help everyone. Sharing this ritual & knowledge is at the heart of Chai Five. Our mission is to offer simple, Ayurvedic nourishment & rituals to restore vitality and the life force inherent within us all.

With love and lattes,
Founder, Chai Five Organics

  • We source directly from organic farms and agro-forestry projects that preserve heirloom varietals and protect biodiversity to maintain sustainability, transparency and traceability.

  • We work to preserve ancestral wisdom and traditional Ayurvedic knowledge passed down in our family and share it to benefit others.

  • Our founder grew up in a multi-cultural, multi-generational immigrant family with ancestral roots in India. Our diverse staff is also entirely comprised of BIPOC individuals.

  • We source only certified organic, biodynamic and wildcrafted ingredients from small family farms while paying higher-than-fairtrade wages and ensuring ethical labor standards and full transparency.

Sip consciously, live compassionately.