• No sugar or sweeteners

  • No preservatives

  • No teabags or microplastic

  • No artificial flavors

Why our chai is different.

We specialize in making ancestral knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine accessible for everyone through a simple, delicious daily chai ritual for whole body wellness. Our founder is certified in Ayurvedic Nutrition, and comes from a family of Ayurvedic healers and traditional farmers in India. We are dedicated to meticulously sourcing the highest quality ingredients on the planet, while supporting equity and farmer community empowerment.

At Chai Five, we will never use: artificial flavorings, preservatives, chemicals, fillers, refined sweeteners, extracts or concentrates. We only use pure, unprocessed, whole ingredients grown organically, ethically, and sustainably. No artificial or "natural" flavors. We use only 100% compostable packaging, free from plastics and contaminants found in most other food and beverage packaging. We are proud to be the first zero waste, plastic free chai company. By embodying our purpose and values within all of our operations, we hope to inspire change within our food systems and wellness industries.

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  • We source directly from organic farms and wild crafters that preserve heirloom varietals and protect biodiversity to maintain sustainability, transparency and traceability.

  • We integrate ancestral wisdom to preserve traditional Ayurvedic knowledge passed down in our family and share it to benefit others.

  • Our founder, Ani, grew up in a multicultural, South Asian immigrant family. Our diverse staff is entirely comprised of BIPOC individuals.

  • We source only certified organic, biodynamic and wildcrafted ingredients from small family farms while paying higher-than-fairtrade wages and ensuring ethical labor standards and full transparency.

Our Chai Master & Founder

"In my family, chai is a daily ritual of nourishing the body & soul, a moment of being fully present in all your senses as you start the day. When I created Chai Five, my mission was simple: to help you feel good & do good. Every day."
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